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Welcome to the DMRally/New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation fundraiser event page! Below is how to donate to our fundraiser more than attending the race. Please attend regardless of distance to receive info up through the race.

For those who just want the quick and dirty details, we have two major goals:

1. For the DMRally team to finish the world famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and break the class record

2. To raise funding and awareness for the thousands of individuals diagnosed with cancer every day, with a special emphasis on breast cancer (and one woman currently fighting that battle).

About DMRally: Since 2002, I (Victor Kuhns) have been the only person in the state of New Mexico to campaign a Subaru in professional rally. In 2003, I formed the Desert Monkey Rally team. The team campaigned a Production GT Subaru 2.5 RS, and quickly went on to place in events like the Prescott Forest Rally (2nd place in class, 2nd overall) and Rim of the World Rally (5th overall and 2nd in Production GT). Through the years we moved into a more powerful car and went on to compete for the podium against professional teams. 2010 was the first time for the team and I to attempt the famous Pikes Peak Hill climb in Colorado.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race is once of the most famous racing courses in the world. It attracts international attention with competitors coming from all around the world. It is also the second oldest motor sport race in the country, offering a huge range of media attention and opportunities. In 2010, DMRally entered the race in the Time Attack 4WD class with hopes of breaking the class record. We learned soon though that this mountain breathes much life! Our first day of practice went well, setting the best time for the day in Time Attack 4WD on the center section. The second day, however, wasn't as kind to us. During practice we lost steering due to a linkage failure, causing us to slide off the road and roll the car. Fortunately, we were able to dust ourselves off and walk away from the scene. Our attempt at climbing the Peak for 2010, however, was over, and it was unclear if the car would be ready in time to run the race again for 2011. But with the new year came new purpose for finishing the race….

Meet Veda: According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes... My girlfriend’s mother, Veda, was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2011. The size and type of tumor required her to have a mastectomy, from which she has mostly recovered. Not long afterwards however, she received news that what was thought to be two small tumors was actually one very large tumor, which means that there is a strong possibility that it has spread to other areas in her body. In March, she began what will be 8 cycles of very aggressive chemotherapy sessions, to be followed by 5.5 weeks of radiation. The initial co-pays for the chemo alone will cost over $10,000, with more to accumulate once radiation begins. We have already received an outpouring of support both emotionally and financially, but the journey ahead will be the most difficult.

So what does the NM Cancer Center have to do with all this? In Veda’s words: “One real need I see is the countless women (and men) who have NO ONE to support them through their trials. I cannot imagine how that would even be possible. Without the combined energy, courage, support, and love of my precious family and friends, I’m honestly not certain I would have continued on this adventure after diagnosis.” That’s where the NM Cancer Center Foundation comes in. The NMCCF is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping patients in their battle with cancer (of all types), and has been instrumental in helping Veda find things like gas cards (she must drive 50 miles each way to get her chemo, see her doctor, etc), and other sources of financial assistance. In the words of NMCCF, “Insurance covers some of the medical expenses but co-pays and deductibles often take the family savings very quickly. The Foundation helps to reduce the financial stress and improve the patient’s quality of life by helping with living expenses such as rent, utilities, child care, or transportation.”

Whaddya Want From Me? Your money! There are several ways that you can contribute:

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to the NM Cancer Center Foundation: We are working directly with Colleen Harris-Kistner, Executive Director of the NMCCF to ensure your proceeds are distributed honorably. The administrative costs of the Foundation are underwritten by the NMCC, so your money can go to support the patients directly. The funds received by NMCCF go exclusively toward non-medical expenses and are paid directly to a third-party payee (i.e., the mortgage company, landlord, utility company, etc), so you know with certainty where your money is being used. NMCCF is a 501C3 organization so your donation is 100% tax deductible. When the foundation receives a donation, they will send you a confirmation letter that you can use for your taxes.

Go to www.PayPal.com. If you don’t have an account, you will have to sign up before your contribution can be sent. Don’t worry, its free.) Choose the Send Money option. When prompted, make sure you select the Personal option (not Purchase) and note that the money is a gift. NM Cancer Center’s PayPal email address is donationsnmccf@nmohc.com. Their tax ID number is 77-0591110. Again, you’ll receive a confirmation letter to use for tax purposes.

If you make an online donation this way, *PLEASE* do the following: 1. In the message box (right before you hit “Send Money”), please indicate that this gift is being made as part of the DMRally benefit. 2. Send an email to me at vgkuhns@gmail.com, so I can keep accuraterecords of who contributed (and so I know who to thank!) Make a Donation Directly to Veda: As we mentioned, we have already received much help from friends and family, but the journey isn’t over. There are a couple of ways you can help: PayPal: Veda and her husband Phil have a PayPal account that can be used to easily send a monetary donation. Go to PayPal.com. (Again, if you don't have an account, you will have to sign up before your contribution can be sent). Select the Send Money option. When it asks what your payment is for, select the Personal, Friends & Family or Gift option. Follow the screens, selecting the amount you'd like to contribute. The email address for their account is pneff1@windstream.net. -OR- Jemez Valley Credit Union: Call the credit union at 575-829-3366 and tell them you would like to make a donation on behalf of Veda Neff. The account is under the name of Cindy Childers (who opened the account for us) with a note attached with all of Veda’s information. If you know Victor, Enid, or Veda personally, you can always make your donation in person! In the event that we raise more money than what is needed for her cancer treatments (and let’s hope that’s the case!), then Veda has vowed that she will pay it forward, and will be giving that money to others battling cancer. Thank you in advance for your help!!


Paypal Donation for New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation. * Please * put a note to seller that says DMRALLY. Also Please email vgkuhns@dmrally.com when you donate to keep track of all donations. Thank you!

NMCC is is 501c3



Paypal Donation for Veda Neff. Please help anyway you can. Please use : pneff1@windstream.net to send donations too. (Their account is not setup for Paypal donate features. Please send as "gift" or "other")

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